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Our values start with serving our customers

Art Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Art Pharma®) is a manufacturer and distributor of Iodine and Potassium Iodide Natural Health Products (NHPs). Our products are available online to consumers, natural health stores, resellers, and healthcare professionals.

The head office handles processing orders, marketing, and the administration of the company. Quality control and development of future brands is also the head office's responsibility. We fulfill and ship all orders from our compliant facility; this enables us to provide a genuinely positive experience for customers.

We take pride in doing the little things better than anybody else.

Social media and Influencers

We encourage to contact us or keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for future announcements. Art Pharma® remains committed to customers, resellers, healthcare professionals and our core values of providing quality Natural Health Products.

Some history

In May 2011 through a journey to claim his health, our founder started manufacturing and distributing a premium quality LUGOL'S IODINE and Saturated Potassium Iodide Solution.

In those earlier days, the values upheld was providing LUGOL'S IODINE and KI SOLUTION with transparency. We manufactured our products with the best quality ingredients the Earth had to offer. Lugol's Iodine was distributed online in six iodine concentrations and a passion for making every transaction a positive customer experience.

We connected in a very personal way with every single customer, going to no ends to make things perfect. Early on we noticed that our products and core values were enhancing customer's lives.

Art Pharma® today

We are the world's largest manufacturer, and distributor of GMP certified and Government authorized for sale Iodine and Potassium Iodide Natural Health Products (NHPs).

What's next for our existing brands?

→ Early in 2018, we added a dispensing kit; this includes a glass jar, glass bottle, and glass dropper.

→ February 1st, 2019 we added a new method of payment called "Online Bank Bill Payment (Canada)." Canadian customers can remit payment for purchases from the security of most major online Canadian banks.

→ Stay informed via social media for 2021 announcements.