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  "There are a limited number of medical conditions in which the short-term use of high amounts of iodine is indicated. Exceptions for the recommendations to not exceed the Tolerable Upper Limits include closely-monitored patients prescribed Lugol’s solution or SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide) in their treatment of severe hyperthyroidism, such as thyroid storm and prior to surgery in patients with Graves’ disease, and individuals in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant who are recommended to take KI in the event of a nuclear accident. SSKI is not indicated nor recommended in individuals with thyroid nodules".
American Thyroid Association (ATA)

What does KI and SSKI mean?

KI is the shorthand designation for Potassium Iodide. Potassium iodide is composed of potassium and iodine in its ionic form.

SSKI is a water-based mixture of potassium iodide (KI). The mixture becomes a saturated solution when the maximum amount of KI that can be dissolved is attained.

How to easily recognize a true SSKI?



A true Super‐Saturated solution of KI can be confirmed visually by the presence of undissolved KI crystals at the bottom of the container in which the solution is placed.

✓ Art Pharma® SSKI® products are true Super‐Saturated KI solutions, containing 1.325g of KI in every 1ml (1.325g/ml). When Art Pharma® SSKI® products are kept in a cool and dry place, undissolved KI crystals are seen at the bottom of the bottle.

Authorized for sale Natural Health Product (NHP), what does it mean?

Unless prescribed by a doctor, some SSKI products sold online have not been authorized for sale, nor are they permitted for human consumption, labeling and disclaimers can be unclear or nonexistent, potassium iodide used is from unknown or undocumented sources, and manufacturing is NOT certified by any recognized standard.
✓ Art Pharma® SSKI® products are authorized for sale Natural Health Products (NHPs), legally authorized for human consumption, and manufactured North American GMP guidelines.

☞ Art Pharma® SSKI® (Saturated Potassium Iodide Solution)

SSKI®  4 products & 3 bottles; 500, 833, or 1,000 drops
 Authorized for sale Natural Health Product (NHPs)
 Manufactured under North American GMP
 1 drop 65 mg. Potassium Iodide U.S.P.
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