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1 of 7 → Before buying any IODINE supplement, these 12 questions will help.

The marketplace for IODINE products is like no other in the world.

·  When considering IODINE products from any seller, we encourage receiving all of the information.

2 of 7 → What is the number in the front of the labels ?

The number displayed in front of the label determines the concentration of iodine.

Lugol's 15 containing the highest quantity of pure iodine in every drop.

3 of 7 → How much iodine in a drop of LUGOL'S ?

The quantities below are for total Iodine* in one (1) drop when:

・LUGOL'S is inside the bottle

・LUGOL'S is diluted as instructed

*LUGOL'S IODINE is manufactured with Pure Iodine and Potassium Iodide. The Iodine values come from Pure Iodine and Potassium Iodide.

4 of 7 → I have a condition and would like to know what iodine concentration to purchase or how much LUGOL'S IODINE I need?

 ・Our products are authorized for sale Natural Health Products (NHPs). Like all Government authorized health products, labelling is regulated to provide consumers with consumption guidelines. These guidelines are set to protect the end-user.

☞ Our LUGOL'S IODINE labels provide consumers with instructions marked as "DIRECTION OF USE." These instructions will provide dilution information to obtain what is deemed the right quantity of iodine for a generally healthy body.

☞ When a higher quantity of iodine is required, consumers should get these instructions from a healthcare professional.

5 of 7 → Do you have an example of LUGOL'S IODINE SOLUTION being dispensed from an inverted dropper bottle?

Inverted droppers can be a safe, quick and a precise way to dispense your LUGOL'S.

From person to person doing trials will help before dispensing. Once this inconvenience out of the way, an inverted dropper is a great way of consuming LUGOL'S at home or on the road.

6 of 7 → LUGOL'S IODINE best practices, precautions and tips

Important note using a regular glass dropper (pipette or glass pipette)

Lugol's Iodine Solution is a dark reddish liquid that will stain anything it enters into contact.

Iodine-based solutions should not enter into direct contact with rubber. 

The regular glass dropper is for dispensing purposes only. 

We strongly recommend pulling your Lugol's Iodine Solution 1/3 into the glass pipette, thus avoiding contact with the rubber bulb.

After usage

After dispensing rinse thoroughly and store away until next dosage. Re-seal bottle with original cap. The glass bottles and resealable caps are safe for usage and long-term storage.

7 of 7 → Carrying, traveling, and storing an Iodine-based solution

· We take great care providing a safe and well packaged Natural Health Product (NHP).

· Our shipping and packaging procedures are intended for the transit time to your door.

· Lugol's Iodine Solution is a dark reddish liquid that will stain anything it enters into contact.

· Art Pharma® LUGOL'S IODINE should be at all times in the upright position during storage.

· We highly recommend NOT to carry or travel with your bottle of LUGOL'S IODINE.